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The loitering law has had a history of being abused by police officers in the state of Arkansas.

For example, two homeless men reported separate incidents of having been kicked out of Little Rock Bus Station by police officers.

Arizona has a 17.4% of the population living below the poverty line and has 56 units per 100 renters being considered affordable housing for being living under the poverty line, Arizona is considered one of the poorest states in the USA being ranked 8th poorest.

In this sense panhandling is a major issue in the region.

However, after criticism and a lawsuit from The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona the policy was deemed unconstitutional as it breached free speech rights granted by both federal and state constitutions. The bill that passed into law in 2015 prohibits individuals from asking for money within 15-feet of an ATM or bank without prior permission from the property owner.

Furthermore, it prohibits "following the person being solicited in a manner that is intended or likely to cause a reasonable person to fear imminent bodily harm," or "obstructing the safe or free passage of the person being solicited." Moreover, the city of Chandler has proposed a new bill that prevents panhandling along city streets justifying the law by citing safety concerns.

The proposed laws would make it a civil traffic offence for an individual to be at a median strip for any purposes other than crossing the road. Department of Housing and Urban Development released a report detailing the decline of homelessness in Arkansas, but that the level of homeless veterans had increased.

In 2005, police assembled an undercover taskforce to crackdown on panhandling in the downtown Little Rock area, arresting 41 people.The State of Arizona continues to seek measures that would both limit panhandling but also satisfy the judgement made by Judge Neil V. Arkansas is one of only five states to have seen homelessness among veterans to increase by more than 100 people in that time.Of those five states, Arkansas had the largest number of homeless veterans.Aggressive measures have been taken in order to address this issue.The state of Arizona has been very active in attempting to criminalize acts of panhandling.

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